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      Seiko interprets what is a car repair gecko for you

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      Seiko interprets what is a car repair gecko for you
      The vehicle repair gecko has no higher requirements for the depth and cleanliness of the concrete cavity. It is easy to install and inexpensive. According to the thickness of the fixed roof, select the appropriate embedded depth. With the increase of the embedded depth, the tensile force increases. This product has reliable expansion function. Body material: stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.
      Product features
      This product has long thread and is easy to install. It is usually used in heavy load facilities.
      In order to obtain reliable and huge fastening force, it is necessary to ensure that the clamping ring fixed on the gecko is fully expanded. And the expansion clamp ring can not fall off from the rod or twist in the hole.
      The calibration tension values are all obtained under the condition of cement strength of 260 ~ 300kgs / cm2, and the maximum safety load shall not exceed 25% of the calibration value.
      application area
      It is suitable for concrete and dense natural stone, metal structure, metal profile, base plate, support plate, bracket, railing, window, curtain wall, machine, girder, stringer, bracket, etc.
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