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      What are the quality assurance measures for chemical anchor bolt construction?
      1) The construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the quality requirements and design requirements of relevant specifications.
      2) After the drilling location line is set out, it shall be reported to the relevant units for line inspection.
      3) After the completion of drilling, the hole must be cleaned to make sure that the hole is clean and dry, basically free of dust. The chemical anchor bolt used for planting must be cleaned. After the hole cleaning and anchor bolt cleaning are completed, it shall be reported to Party A for acceptance, and the hidden inspection record shall be made.
      4) The anchoring glue shall be provided with product certificate, and all technical indexes shall reach the specified value. The anchoring glue must be prepared and used in strict accordance with the product instructions.
      5) After the anchor bolt anchoring work is completed, it shall be submitted to Party A for acceptance after passing the self inspection.
      Chemical anchor bolt, as a scientific and technological substitute of expansion bolt series, will make great contribution to the construction and development of the world in the future. Therefore, the production and sales of chemical anchor bolt is a good choice for the standard parts industry! If you want to know more about chemical anchor bolt products, you are welcome to call Handan Jinggong construction anchoring Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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